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We provide a wide range of back-end services for your business needs.  From managing your data and customers to supporting your social presence, we can handle it all for you. Our team of experts will ensure optimum productivity, excellent customer experience and professional social presence for your business.


Data Management

Data Management : We can manage all kinds of data for your business. We have around 10 years experience in data sourcing, data scraping, data analysis & research.


Customer Relationship Management


Support Services : Having more than 14 years of experience in providing support services to various multi-nationals around the globe, we can help you improvise on your current support services. We have experience in email support, chat support and social media interaction management.


Social Media Management


Social Media Management : We know its difficult to manage social media as your reputation is always at stake. While you need to present a professional face of your company, you also cannot skip those negative comments and need to handle them tactfully. We have been managing social media profiles for our clients since more than 5 years and can help you achieve your business goals via social media.


Marketplace & eCommerce Management

via BechoDirect

From SME to eCommerce: Becho Direct (a TaskPro Services company) offers professional eCommerce services to manufacturers and startups from the Fashion and Textile industry helping them to achieve higher profits with minimum overheads. We are into online retail management since 2005 (much before it boomed in India). Click here to know more about Becho Direct.